Our Services & Training Catalogue

1. Management Training

Our consulting and training programs have been tailored to our clients’ needs across the world.  The organizations we have trained range from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

Strategic Risk Management for Sustainable Governance
Mergers & Acquisitions
Whistleblowing, Fraud & Cyber Security
Board DNA
Effective Board
Corporate Governance Review
Malaysian Code Of Corporate Governance 2017
Corporate Liability Amendment Bill
Board Effective Assessment
Training Program For Mid To Senior Level Internal Audit Practitioners

2.  Corporate Governance

Our services in Corporate Governance cover the following main areas:

  • Review of Board and Audit Committee effectiveness: We re-examine and report on whether the current board of directors and the audit committee are with the right composition (i.e. the independence by appearance and substance compliance requirements) and distinctions (i.e. acquainted with the knowledge, skills and experience) to execute their corporate governance duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Three main areas: board composition, board evaluation and board/CEO succession planning.
  • Corporate Governance Review: We assess and report on whether the organisation is, in overall, having the right systems and processes to carry out its corporate governance effectively and efficiently. We also recommend improvements and actions plan with reference to the MCCG 2017 and CG best practices.
  • Board and senior management Governance, Risk, and Compliance (“GRC”) awareness education: We provide trainings and seminars to board members and senior management to raise or reiterate their level of awareness on the importance of GRC towards the company’s sustainable growth.
  • Whistle blowing/incident reporting system set-up: The whistle blowing/incident reporting system is one of the important tools for more effective corporate governance. We have the expertise to help in the setting up and implementation of such system.
  • Preventing Black Holes and Black Swans through strategic risk management: Effective GRC is the way forward to provide organisations with a uniform view of information so they can align risk management with strategic objectives and integration of the Line of Defence with Line of Defence 2 (assurance led by CEO) and Line of Defence 3 (Internal Audit) on ERM Assurance.
  • Fraud Risk Assessment: The board of directors, management and personnel of all leads of the organisation have responsibility for managing fraud risk. We provide a fraud risk assessment framework to prevent, detect and correct fraud red flags. 
  • IT Governance and Architecture – The organisation’s technology governance strategy and implementation provides the controls necessary to address the range of IT governance issues. The COBIT framework covers the range of controls, structures and processes from board accountability to the base level required by the most stringent of legislation, regulation and standards. This integration introduces a disciplined approach that is aligned with existing practices such as project and programme management.


3.  Risk Management

The effectiveness of good corporate governance inevitably relies on how effective and efficient the entity’s risks management is. We provide the following 4 different stages of risks management services:

  • Risk management education: We create the awareness of risk culture among the Board and Senior Management.
  • Risk management facilitation workshops: We assist the Board and Management in identifying the crucial key risk areas that an entity should address and manage.
  • Risk management setup and implementation: After identifying the key risk areas to be managed, we assist in establishing and implementing systems, risk appetite, tools, and procedures specifically catered for the entity’s business, operating nature, size, and environment.
  • Risk management review: For any risk management system, it must be constantly reviewed and improved to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Our team of professionals have the knowledge and skills in the risk management review.